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George Crump
George Crump, President, Storage Switzerland, 11/24/2014   Comment now  
Scale-out storage systems are node-based architectures that cluster a group of servers and present the aggregated capacity and performance of that cluster to the attaching application servers. The idea is that a single system can scale almost infinitely to meet the storage demands of the data center. But thanks to flash storage, the need for a scale-out ...
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown, Editor, 11/21/2014   Comment now   18 comments
There are two basic ways to get more storage: buy more capacity or reduce what you are storing.
Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly, Storage Engineer, 11/20/2014   Comment now   3 comments
Storage as we know it is in the process of a major change. The impact of SSD and flash on the tiering structure based solely on hard drives was the trigger for an across-the-boards rethink of the storage proposition. The result is that we are seeing storage hardware take several distinct directions.
Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly, Storage Engineer, 11/19/2014   Comment now   3 comments
There's a race on for the interconnect of the future. Old staples like Fibre Channel and SAS have been left behind in the pack and are in danger of dropping out of the picture altogether, leaving InfiniBand and Ethernet as by far the leaders in the game.
Most recent post, Virtual, 11/24/2014 9:05:05 PM
@Boost    Thanks for the list -   The very first factor that was...
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown, Editor, 11/18/2014   Comment now   3 comments
Anybody who has been reading my blogs for the past decade or so knows that I am no fan of Apple. But there is no Apple-bashing in this latest bit of news -- at least none that I have done, as it seems Apple is bashing itself sufficiently.
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown, Editor, 11/17/2014   Comment now   1 Comment
One of the cutting-edge innovations in using solid state memory these days is the idea of bypassing SATA, SAS, and even the PCIe bus used in NVMe and going directly to the DIMM slots.
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